I’m a true believer in dressing as a form of self-expression; it can be confident, playful, and even powerful. It can express your every mood. Like it or not, people form opinions based on appearance, first impressions, as they say, don’t get second chances.

My love for styling began in childhood. My mother (perhaps to save time shopping with kids in tow) would dress my sister and I in the exact same outfits, down to the hair accessory. At first, I loved being dressed like my older sister who I looked up to so much but I realized that she wasn't so keen on the idea. So I began tweaking and adding things to my outfit to make it my own. Early seeds planted. Eventually, I started working in retail and snagged a position that included in-house personal shopping at Anthropologie. After my stint in the corporate retail environment, I continued to style a different type of client while managing nida boutique in San Francisco. Moving from the mega-chain to a small boutique that carried an extensive European design roster was a great way for me to round out my skill set. I expanded my experience even further at the meticulously curated Reliquary which houses antique and contemporary jewelry, apparel, and textiles. Presently, when I'm not working with personal clients, you can find me at dish-- a high-end boutique where I assist in the buying of women's apparel, jewelry, and accessories from European, domestic, and local designers. 

After years of working in retail with a varied clientele, I realized that I have a true passion for helping people find clothes that flatter and make them feel good about themselves and their bodies. When clients tried on the right piece, they would exude a confidence that I found both rewarding and addicting.

These moments are what brought me to start a personal styling business. I so enjoy helping people channel a bit of their personality into their wardrobe, to consider new silhouettes, colors or combinations they might not have and discover their own personal flair.

When I'm not working on fashion-related projects, you can find me exploring the city. There's always something new to check out in one of San Francisco's many niche neighborhoods. My husband and I moved here from Los Angeles over 20 years ago and we never tire of the culture, the food and sharing all of that with our two boys and Penny the dog.